Paper Toy Apéritif Arrogant

a paper toy/poster

This is a poster – this is a toy. So happy for the launch of the new Caco Nero cafè-bistrot in Venezia, we set this poster to celebrate this new adventure. If you cut and glue the pieces, you’ll have your very own Caco Nero bar, featuring some international VIPs for your Private Arrogant Aperitif. Happy guests are (in order of appereance): Boi Giorg, El Ton Gion, Rocchenroll Robò, Freddi Merchiuri, Amand Aliar, Ilona, Uno dei Chiss, Giorg Maicol, Moira Nazionale, Endi Uorol, Bobb Marli and Devid Boui. Caco Nero is here.

It’s a 35×45 cm poster, 2 water colors on hard paper, signed and numbered.
This poster is sold out.
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